Dynasty Chinese Red Wine: A Review


China has always had three basic problems with trying to vitalize its wine industry and appeal to an international audience. First, Chinese wine has traditionally been very sweet, too sweet for most Western palates. Second, Chinese wine producers seem to be more eager to produce and sell wine, than to be patient and careful in winemaking techniques to produce excellent wine. Third, wine has not traditionally been very popular with Chinese consumers: they tend to prefer beer, or their own baijiu (liquor distilled from sorghum).

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Judging Wine: It’s A Matter of Color


*The following article is written by guest writer Charles Babineaux, based in Houston, Texas, USA. He may be contacted at charlesbabineauxjr@gmail.com.

Okay, first things first. Here are my credentials. I’m not a sniffer. I’m not a swisher. And I’m not a spitter. I am a man who has tasted enough wine between to 2007 and 2012 to equal to about a bottle a day for 365 days times 5 years.

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A Review of Kaweisi Chinese Wine

IMG_6509 (1280x960)Today is the Ides of March in the West, and since the Romans loved wine so, I thought it fitting to carry out a wine tasting. I am fascinated with the state of wine in China, partly because I really love wine, and partly because I really love China. I have conducted tastings and written reviews for Chinese wine before, but whenever I try out a new label, I like to write about it as well. I found Kaweisi (卡维斯) Merlot on sale. Usually 68 RMB (about $11), it was marked down to 20 RMB (about $3.25). Keep in mind, however, that the price of wine in China means even less than it does in the US.

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Under Pressure! The Joy of Pressure Cooking

Isn't she beautiful? New and shiny!

Isn’t she beautiful? New and shiny!

If the word cheesy reminds you of your tacky aunt’s fondu parties in the 1970s, then you probably remember pressure cookers. These hallmarks of the gaudy 1970s went out-of-style for quite a while. But, thanks to a renewed interest in Gastronomy around the world, they are back in vogue with a vengeance. And there is good reason for that: pressure cookers offer several advantages over traditional cooking methods. But are there also disadvantages? I bought a shiny new pressure cooker this week, and it got me thinking.

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Everything On Tap: A New Site for Adult Beverages!

matt I am pleased to announce that, along with my work here at Food Ergo Love, and at FoodSided and FanSided, I am now the editor at Everything On Tap. It’s a new website, affiliated with FanSided, that focuses on beer, wine, and spirits, especially of the fine variety. If you love great food and great drinks, then I hope you will join us there as we work to get the fledgling site off the ground. We have some great writers, and great ideas, so stop by and let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for reading!